I started making kids’ bags when my kids were only 4 and 6 years old.  Necessity was the mother of invention so we created robust, waterproof and well-designed British bags that would last.  I don’t know about you but I hated having everything all mixed up together.  So, whether it was for soggy swimmers, muddy wellie boots, smelly gym kit or going to stay overnight at a friends house, we designed kids’ bags to satisfy everyone’s needs.

Some are perfect to fit all the overnight things in and pop a sleeping bag in on top.  Others perfectly suited as pencil cases at school.  Which one is perfect for you?

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1 The Original Open Klobbabag

The Original Open Klobbabag is the bag that just keeps on giving.

Big Stripy Bag

Big is beautiful and this is the biggest and best striped bag in the world. Barrel down to the beach, the boat, the bivouac! or keep tucked up at home filled with toys or spare bedding.

KlobbAir Travel Bag

This bag gives you wings. It is extraordinary just how much packs away in this flight bag, complete with comfy handles, five internal pockets and a hard base.

Grab Bag

Created for function and purpose, this is the ultimate Grab Bag that gets the job done. We have repurposed the left-overs of helicopter cover manufacture from our sister company and combined it with the enthusiasm of my twenty year old son to create an expertly designed grab or wash bag which has proved essential for all adventurers and explorers. Essential kit for all Man-Klobba.

Deli Bag

The ultimate bag for all of life's Klobba. Whether shopping, overnighting, beaching, exercising, adventuring, travelling – indeed all things “ing”. Just Klip in and go! After much feedback from you, my gorgeous audience, we have developed this slightly smaller Deli Bag.  It largely resembles the original Klobbabag, but is just a little squatter. However, it still has a klip on top, as the name suggests!

Make-Up Bags

Why is the lipstick you need always at the bottom of your make-up bag? Designed with ease and practicality in mind, the wide mouth of these classic make-up bags helps you see everything inside. Elegant simplicity.

Wash Bag

Travel in style with these gorgeous wash bags, a more spacious companion to our make-up bags. A waterproof outer fabric, a waterproof lining, four internal pockets and elegant little handles.

Wet Bag

Ultralight, compact, with waterproof fabric and a roll top to seal in all the wet and mess, this bag will save the universe. The mother of all invention is necessity and I needed a solution to all the soggy swimmers and wetsuits in the summer, and muddy wellies and hockey boots in the winter.