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Wicked Wash Case

Great at the Beach

Keep all your Klobba dry and clean... Great when you are at the beach with sand and sea!

Big & Small

Klobba comes in all shapes and sizes... from shopping to school items and make-up - what will you put in yours?

Unique, Durable, Colourful

Made from the finest materials, hard wearing and waterproof, with unique designs and loads of space!

Welcome to Klobbabags

I started in 2006 because I wanted to get rid of the ugly bags that were doing practical jobs in my life and replace them with fun, happy, smiley bags that would still be good for the weekend and that would withstand the rigours of a very busy life…

British made to the highest quality, these fun waterproof bags are spacious enough for all of life’s Klobba. They are all lightweight, hard-wearing, long lasting with comfortable strong straps and pockets on the inside.

I hope you enjoy…