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A range of awesome bags, big & small - For all of life's Klobba

Home of the Original Klobbabag

For the last 15yrs I have been creating bags designed for purpose:-
Designed to remove ugly old bags from my world and replace them with joy; designed to stand the test of time;
And brought to life in Britain by a team of the best.
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Great Reason

Our great British bags are designed to put a smile on your face and a spring in your step, as all of life’s Klobba is made easy.
Cast out those ugly old bags from your life and replace them with these beautifully designed sustainable bags that will just keep on working for you year after year.

Our planet

Klobbabags is good for people & the planet.

Made in the UK  with low carbon miles.

We create minimal waste, re-purpose as much fabric as we can & design bags to last.

Our Bags

Unique, functionally designed, beautifully made, robust, waterproof & timeless.

We understand the importance of the perfect bag to carry all of life’s Klobba on everyday adventures.

Our Quality

Designed & manufactured in the UK.
Precision cut using the latest CAD technology.
Sewn by awesome people, using the strongest threads, the finest materials and to the highest standard.


Our Employees

Each bag is made with dedication and care by our loyal team of eight of the country’s most highly skilled machinists.

They lovingly make the best bags,  not the most bags.

Our Customers

We don’t exist without our customers. That’s why we encourage feedback and listen to your suggestions.

We’ll always keep designing & re-designing our bags in order to adapt to your needs.

Our Dreams

That you love your gorgeous Klobbabag. You take it everywhere, tell everyone about it, buy one for each of your friends and spread the love.

Ultimately, we hope that you are proud  to own a unique product of quality British manufacturing.

What Our Customers Say

We love your feedback, so please keep it coming!

Our Story

Creating designed solutions to life's Klobba since 2005

I am obsessed by solutions and sometimes get a little over excited by the results, not least of all here.  Back in 2005 I was the mother of 2 youngsters and was fed up with ugly bags.  I wanted to replace them with fun, happy, smiley bags that could still withstand the rigours of a very busy, clobber-filled life.  A bag with which I could skip down to the beach, just as easily as I could take it camping, shopping, weekending, ponying – the list is endless.  The need for cheer and happiness filling our lives is just as important today, if not more so.

Personally, I do not like cheap imports that won’t stand the test of time, with every corner cut and which ultimately don’t fulfil my needs.

Quality is vital.  Our team are some of the finest machinists in Britain.  They ensure the best bags are made, not the most bags, because functionality is key. Why have a bag if it doesn’t do what you want it to do?  I like pockets;  I want handles not too long, nor too short; I like things to stay clean; to be waterproof; designed for purpose; well made – and I want variety with fresh ideas.

Our range of bags has continued to grow, adapted constantly responding to customer feedback and evolved into finding solutions to all of our different needs.  From log bags to make-up bags, beach bags to airport liquid bags, we make bags for all of life’s Klobba.

Not wishing to complicate matters we also manufacture the finest protective aircraft covers in the world (www.aircovers.com)!

Sasha Pattinson
Founder, Klobbabags – For all of Life’s Klobba