Never the right bag for the ``Klobba``

So I made a bag to suit.

Our story started when I wanted to rid our home of the ugly, single-use bags that were doing practical jobs in my life and replace them with fun, happy, smiley bags that would still be good for the weekend and that would also withstand the rigours of a busy and hectic life.  I made a beautiful bag – someone saw it and wanted one too… and again and again …. so our story of Klobbabags was born.  Then we grew, adapted and morphed to each specific need.

The heart of Klobbabags lies in helicopter covers !  (Which we also make).  That’s why are machinists are so revered.  They apply the same attention to detail and precision to Klobbabags as they do to Air Covers.

Klobbabags are all about being well made and cleverly designed.  A bag doesn’t just have to be a bag… It can be designed with specific issues in mind.  Whether that is volume headed for the beach or practicality headed for the airport.   They are all made in North Wales by our team of expert machinists who are key to our story.

We use colourful oil cloth fabrics and upcycle very technically advanced “canvas”. All of our bags are hard wearing, long-lasting and fairly priced. They have pockets on the inside so you can re-find essentials. There’ll be no scrabbling for the car keys when you have Klobbabag to hand.

I hope you love yours and spread the joy.

Sasha Pattinson
Founder, Klobbabags

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