There was too much clobber at home

So I made a bag to put it all in.

Our home and life is full of clobber and there was never anything suitable to carry it in. So, in an attempt to reduce and organise all of the ‘stuff’ scattered throughout the house, I made a bag which could hold it all and hey presto! Our story of Klobbabags was born.

I wanted to get rid of the ugly, single-use bags that were doing practical jobs in my life and replace them with fun, happy, smiley bags that would still be good for the weekend and that would also withstand the rigours of a busy and hectic life.

At it’s core, Klobbabags is about well made, cleverly designed bags that are spacious enough for all of your ‘Klobba.’ Made in Shropshire by our team of expert machinists, they are priced fairly and come with a promise to last. Each one is lightweight, hard-wearing, long lasting with comfortable, strong straps. We try to make as many as we can from recycled materials in order to do our bit for the planet. All of them have pockets on the inside so you can re-find the essentials. There’ll be no scrabbling for the car keys when you have Klobbabag to hand.

Sasha Pattinson
Founder, Klobbabags

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