Every now and then at Klobbabags we move on.  Most years we change the fabrics or designs of bags.  If you are lucky you’ll click on here at the perfect moment to look for sale bags.  Unlike so many sales these days, if our bags are on sale, it is a genuine sale.  Don’t you find it irritating when companies launch new seasons’ products and they are already 20% off?!   Or when January sales start in early December?  By the time you are ready for your summer hols, everything has already been on sale and sold out.

I believe a sale should really be a sale.  So, snap up a bargain today before it’s too late.

As people always say about sales “when it is gone, it is gone”.  So you should hurry to avoid disappointment.

And I am sorry – it is not a typo that these are called Z Sale bags…. I have to contend with the alphabet !

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