I have had so much fun over the years making sure that we develop the best toiletry bags on the market.  Everyone has a slightly different idea on what makes perfect but we all agree that ease of use, space and pockets are essential.

Our toiletry bags have always been blessed with pockets so you can keep the little things safe.  They have big wide mouths so you can find things with easy.  They can squidge down to being small if you don’t have much with you but fill right up to carry more than you would expect.

We have adapted and evolved our toiletry bags to encompase the needs of blokes who want something unique.  The Helicopter Grab bags are just that.  Tried and tested by men all over the world.  Many of them unique in their colouring.  We cater for the needs of ladies with many unguents to little girls with just a tooth brush.

And when you go travelling the see -through travel liquids wash bags is an essential bit of kit.

Happy choosing.

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Grab Bag

Created for function and purpose, this is the ultimate Grab Bag that gets the job done. We have repurposed the left-overs of helicopter cover manufacture from our sister company and combined it with the enthusiasm of my twenty year old son to create an expertly designed grab or wash bag which has proved essential for all adventurers and explorers. Essential kit for all Man-Klobba.

Make-Up Bags

Why is the lipstick you need always at the bottom of your make-up bag? Designed with ease and practicality in mind, the wide mouth of these classic make-up bags helps you see everything inside. Elegant simplicity.

Travel Liquids Wash Bag

Leaving on a jet plane? This is the exact permitted size for a travel liquids wash bag to go through airport security. No more flimsy, single-use plastic ziplock bags. Life made clear and easy, and good for the planet too.

Wash Bag

Travel in style with these gorgeous wash bags, a more spacious companion to our make-up bags. A waterproof outer fabric, a waterproof lining, four internal pockets and elegant little handles.