A sign of the times: Introducing the newest addition to our collection

The very first Klobbabag was born out of a response to a need, and the spirit of that has driven the design and creation of every single bag since. So it will come as no surprise that our newest addition to the Klobba collection is a mini pocket-sized Klobba Kovid Kit.

As wearing masks and carrying hand sanitiser became the new normal, I was finding these were just two more things I could forget or misplace on my way out of the house in the morning. I needed something that could hold all the items required in order to know I’d left the house COVID ready for the day!

These pouches are perfectly pint-sized and designed to fit your mask and hand san neatly in one place. No need to remove the hand san bottle from the pouch when you need it – the hole for the bottle cap means you can clean your hands and go. Our Kovid Kit will fit snugly in a handbag or a car glove compartment, and the carabiner attachment means it can hang from a belt loop, a coat hook, a bag strap – wherever is handiest for you!